We are offering you exciting, innovative, business growth IT solutions in one destination, remotely.Let’s Discuss our IT solution for you and your business growth!


    eCommerce is most using platform. Which provides multiple offers this become most usable in future.

    Web & Mobile Apps

    Not need to say the uses of Web and Mobile app. Most consuming technology is Web and Mobile App.

    Research And Development

    One of the most important task to grow the business from an idea to a Brand.

    Digital Transformation

    This will help you to capture the huge digital market to grow your Business.

    We are Zeabros. One of the IT prominent and best service providing company. For over 8 years we have been developing digital solution for companies looking to gain better visibility on the internet.


    Everything we has the commitment of a well trained and motived team


    Focused on result we seek to raise the level to our customer.

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    How we can help you in your Growth?

    Firstly, our primary goal is your growth that is all matter to us. we are here to provide you best possible IT solution for your Business. That is website development, software development, digital marketing, artificial intelligence and etc.

    Why we? For your Growth!

    IT Solution – We are providing all IT solution in one destination remotely.

    100% Transparency – Zeabros provides 100% transparency to you while you are in with a project.

    Save Your Time and Money – Zeabros can Save your time as well as money to make a project with us.

    Dedicated Programmer – Zeabros have dedicated and motivated programmer to build your good project great.

    24*7 Technical Support  – We are here 24*7 for any kind of technical issues and support.

    Customer Testimonials

    Some of our customers gives their response regarding us and our work. Our customers are satisfied with the work we do. You can checkout this one also.


    Rena Shrivastava

    This company is overall good well design my software. But they take more time to complete the project. At the end they create a very nice software for my work.

    We are offering you exciting, innovative, business growth IT solutions in one destination, remotely. Let’s Discuss our IT solution for you and your business growth!

    Custom Software Development

    Custom software development company Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, and Faridabad is a great ways to provide a personal touch on your website or mobile app, and it can also be used to provide unique functionality that you don’t currently have available in your current platform.

    The uses of Custom Software Development Gurgaon are Development plus Designing of the product both are done on the product to make it more convenient and attractive. We have developers and designers to show their creativity to make great Custom Software for you and your business to gain maximum crowd over your product.

    Custom app development is important for a business because it can help you to reach and communicate with your customers more effectively. Zeabros provides the best Custom Software Development service in Gurgaon. We are providing all types of Custom Software Development, such as Healthcare App, Travel App, Fintech App, Manufacture and Construction App, Education App, Food Delivery App, eCommerce App, and many others.

    Custom Software Development services Gurgaon
    Digital Transformation services

    Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation is one of the best ways to promote Business. Because nowadays digital capture a huge market audience, where all come individually and do their task and work. We have a massive opportunity to grab a massive audience to gain maximum profit from it. So, Digital Transformation of the business is good for growth as well as helps people who are interested in your product. Zeabros is providing you with the best Digital Transformation Service in Gurgaon and PAN India Remotely.

    App Development

    The humongous using platform all over the world is App. Everyone has a smartphone either Android or iOS. The total users of Smartphone in globally is 3.9 billion active users of smartphones. These smartphones work by the Apps. This will give us a massive audience, what we are waiting for? Let’s make an App for your Business Growth. Zeabros provides the best App Development Service in Gurgaon and PAN India Remotely.



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