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Web Portal Development is a website that provides information from different media on one website; It is a Website delivering Information sourced from a different website in a Uniform Way.

Web portal must always have the main focus on the appearance and the user interface to stand out. We also can say informative website where you can share pictures and videos.

B2B Web Development Services.

We also provide B2B Web Development Services for businesses to engage in trade and business. Our Company is well known for B2B Website Development. We have given thousands of web portal website development projects.

A web portal provides you the information in bulk with one-time access to the portal. For example, if a website asks you for your login credentials for accessing a page on the website, it is a web portal. In this portal, you can get information, news, and updates. Basically we deal with the B2B portal, B2C portal, News portal, Real estate portal, e-commerce portal, online travel portal.

According to the role of your users, you can limit access to the content displayed in a web portal. This portal is mainly in use for business purposes, where you as an admin, can access and add information related to your business. It is free to add any kind of performance you want in your web portal. It customized as a whole and it is very easy to develop as well. Zeabros is the leading company providing the best web portal services in Delhi NCR. We work keeping in mind that, to provide services according to the client’s needs and requirements and to give satisfaction.

Web portal development is majorly divided into four stages:

  • Firstly, Architecture, in this we work on the designing of the portal which should have actual look and feel of your web portal. Here, all the responsibilities will be on the shoulders of your web portal designer.
  • Secondly, Development, in these multiple pages are made according to the business aspects so for this only the development stage has been dedicated to taking care of it. The test data is utilized accordingly to design the navigation model of the portal and creating a page template, display template, and the content model.
  • Thirdly, staging, this done to check whether the web portal is working properly or not. Small testing has taken place in it.
  • Fourthly, Production, it is the live environment of the web portal. The administrator has the responsibility to manage the portal using a web logic portal administrator console. In this, the portal is live to the audience. Works like making incremental updates to metadata, managing the content on the portal, and web assets using automated scripts are performed by the administrator.

Website or Web Portal

There is a lot of confusion in the mind of people when we ask about the web portal and the website. Confusions arrive when they want services from us so lets know the difference.
The website is a collection of Web Pages which can be on any subject while web portal is a website which consists of information from different websites and displayed that information in a uniform way.

Functions of the Web Portal

  • It increases the customer and company relation with means of providing information through it.
  • It provides better Interaction for customers.
  • Web portal websites can help a lot in increasing Business.
  • It helps in increasing awareness for the business.

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