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Zeabros offers a wide range spectrum of Web Development services and enables customers to have world-class IT professionals. We are a leading IT and top web development company Delhi NCR and Web development Port Blair. That offers a long-term relationship. We create ideas into real-time software and cost-effective solutions for customers business. Above all, we offer you a wide range of web designs in your industry. We believe that quality attracts the customer. In additon, we aim to provide a quality service that is why we have hired the world-class IT professionals.

Web development service for your business:

Web programming is essentially known as web development. Basically, it is the creation of dynamic website applications. For example- web applications include e-commerce sites like Amazon, etc. and social websites like Facebook and many more websites as per the business requirements. It is mainly recognized as the best for coding. Web development is mainly a task that correlates with the developing websites for hosting through intranet or internet. Zeabros is the leading company providing services in Web Development in Delhi NCR.

Web development has been divided into two divisions-

Firstly, Front-end development- refers to the web development which is build-up according to the user, i.e. the design of the web page, the content added on the web page and the interaction with it. This is mainly done with the coding, it includes- Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

  • HTML- Hypertext markup language, it is basically a coding language used to turn ‘marking up’ text into a web page. All the page in the net is written in HTML codes which later is turned to a web page so that the user can read it easily.
  • CSS- Cascading Style Sheet, it is also a code that is used for styling up the web page, so that it looks good in appearance. This mainly handles the cosmetic side of the web.
  • Java Script- It is basically a scripting language, widely in use for the better functionality of the website and the better interactions of the web page.

Secondly, Back-end development- It basically controls the works going behind the scene of the web application. This usually uses the database to generate the front-end. Therefore, back-end scripts are written basically on different languages that are PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Java, Node.js, and Python, after creating the scripts these languages turn into a web page.

Similarly, you’re simply beginning a business or wish to move your existing business online, you must find Web Developer to urge you and your brand online. Similarly, website developer includes a variety of choices, thus it’s vital to seek out one that matches you and your website. In other words Website development is that enables you to make the Website online. The Web Development is a platform which will facilitate you to make the website and style as you would like

Web Development Services

How Experienced we are?

Our world-class IT experts have vast experience with numerous technologies to provide optimized solutions to our clients. Our team of managers and developers use the best methodologies for projects which implement and execute to surpass the client’s expectations and needs. Above all, We are a software outsourcing company and we have a decade of experience in providing software solutions to our clients. We have satisfied customers in Web development Port Blair.

The kind of services our company provides is different in some aspects. We are technological wise up to date. For instance, the funda of the company is not to run in a rush but we focus on the quality. every client want are different in his\her own way which enhances the beauty of the work we do and our world-class experts do. In addition, we provide after-sales services too to our clients. Similarly, the price charge is based on the work and the prices are competitive according to the IT industry.

Choosing the best IT company for your work is the main task to do nowadays. In conclusion, one should compare the different aspects and the services provided by different companies and then choose one.

We work with the following Development Language:

  • PHP
  • Angular JS
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • JavaScript
  • Laravel

Web Development Services

The website is the first thing that makes an impression on customers and that can lead to sales. Your website should be very attractive and designed. We deliver the best services you come with your dream plan and we will make sure it comes true.

Website development has transitioned from simple HTML-driven sites to fully interactive informational and e-commerce portals.

Web Development ServicesMajor Points to remember while developing and designing website.

Lead Generation availableness

A well-developed website can turn out positive results for its owners. In several cases, this suggests lead generation. For instance, Not all website developer can create this easily, thus think about the software system and its ability to quickly add, edit, or customize intake forms. Customization availableness

Customization availableness

In several cases, the ready-to-use templates won’t allow acceptance to your website. You must customize the colors or layout slightly. Review your website software choices and ensure you have got the power to edit the planning and layout as required.

Multimedia support

We live in a multimedia world. Individuals expect written content, videos, images, and audio files. Therefore, a top-quality software system package can supply all of those and permit you to feature such files effortlessly.

Search Engine Optimization

If you build it they will return, well not specifically! In addition, you need some quality SEO for your website to rank and produce in search traffic. Ensure your software system has very sturdy SEO options as a part of the core software system or permits you to feature on options via an extension. You must be ready to produce SEO friendly URLs, headers, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, alt text, XML sitemaps, and have acceptable robot.txt file possibility.

Mobile Responsiveness

Since 2007 Google is moving a mobile initial index and it’s doing this as a result of it sees a lot of searches on mobile devices than on desktop computers. You need to create a website for this new world of mobile and voice primarily based search. Therefore, not all website Developers can do that well however you can trust Zeabros Asian country Pvt. Ltd.


The price of website Development and hosted websites can vary from $10 per month to $100 per month. Understand your full-price structure by staring at all the choices carefully.