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Travel Agency Software Delhi NCRZeabros India Pvt. Ltd. has also designed its travel agency software among different software. Therefore, as the top IT company its the duty of a company to provide clients satisfaction. Therefore, we are giving services like the best IT company.

For instance, the need for travel agency software is nowadays very necessary for travel agents. However, one reason could be the increasing competition in the traveling agencies and the other could be digital verification. Above all, in today’s time, everybody is so busy to go to the reservation centers so everybody books their ticket online. This has increased the booking transactions digitally. Therefore, now it is easier to book tickets than before, one can book their tickets in seconds. So everyone now has the habit to book online. Therefore, it also proved to be cost-effective and it is quick. In addition, this travel software gives you many filters and sorts. In addition, automated emails for booking and cancellation have been designed specially.

Benefits of travel agency software:

For instance, a well-supplied travel portal is the one that has multiple options for its users. The website should have more offers and discounts and it should be attractive to keep the users interested. However, we help our client in providing a travel agency software which is useful and helpful to the customers to use. We ensure that this software gives fewer risks and is reliable in performance and also it has security. Zeabros is a leading company that is the best Travel agency software provider Delhi NCR. In addition, we provide software which gives provides information wholly of all the travel packages and services provided by the company. Therefore, the web-based travel agency will directly benefit any travel website which promotes hotel, villas, and resorts. It just needs a cost-effective travel booking engine.

Therefore, with the help of an automated error removing option, you can enjoy an admirable level analysis with less burden for tasks.


  • It adds various descriptions, images, and documents as well.
  • It gives you the exact identification and details of the customer.
  • All the details like discount, payment policies and refund policies are briefly explained.

More benefits:

  • This saves time by creating manual tasks and error correction processes quicker and responds well and faster to trade development.
  • This helps agencies to grow in travel trade simply and find smart profits too.
  • It provides an incomparable insight into profit.
  • It reduces time through quick keyboard entry of transactions, full integration, and external dealings import routines.
  • Therefore, this gives a lot of options on giving longer for managing your business with efficiency by modification time required for the assembly of normal management reports.
  • In addition, it also helps travel website within the promotion of residences, hotels, resorts, guest homes and villas.


User Panel:

  • User registration
  • Details of the user
  • Users login
  • Permission set according to department and center location etc.

Vendors panel:

  • Company view details
  • Vendor statement
  • Vehicle details
  • Vendor statement

Booking panel:

  • Generate booking
  • Booking invoice generation
  • Booking close
  • Assign tickets
  • Confirmation mail/SMS


  • Receipt generation
  • Payment list
  • Pending payment

Key Features:

  • Strong hotel contracting module
  • Multiple tour option
  • Ticketing module
  • Quotation management system
  • Activity barcode scanner
  • User management system
  • Wishlist and shopping cart application
  • Coupon code and payment gateway
  • Mobile friendly design

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