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The static website contains fixed web pages. Every page coded in HTML and shows the same to each and every visitor. It is the most basic type of website and it is the easiest website to create. Unlike other websites for example dynamic website, they don’t need any web programming or any design of the database and called up just increasing the bandwidth. A static website can be built by few HTML and publishing to a web server.

Static web pages are useful for the contents that never or rarely need to be changed. A static website has basic HTML files and it will require low space making the hosting of these websites. An organization with static website saves on the channel and cost those resources to unified or automated build the latest change is the system.

Static website pages include fixed codes the content of every page doesn’t change until it’s manually updated through the webmaster. Its work very good for small websites, but it will make lots of pages to the large website and it will be very difficult to maintain it. And this problem should not happen that’s why larger websites use dynamic website which will be updated through simple modify a database record.

Static website include lots of pages are usually use design templates, it makes possible to update many pages at one time and also help to provide a consistent layout of the site.

Along with fixed web pages website, we also develop Drupal Web Development, Joomla Web Development, WordPress Web Development, Magento Web Development, and PHP Web Development in Delhi/NCR and Port Blair.


The advantage of the static website

  • You can make it very fast
  • Cheaper than others
  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy for search engine to index it
  • In slow connection, it’s faster to transfer
  • Give improved security over dynamic websites
  • Dynamic websites improve the performance for the last user compared to
  • Low depend on a system such as a database or other servers

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In this Competitive world, we all know that there high demand for It companies and website development companies. But we are Apart from them all as we are not just focus on delivering services but also a quality and Costumers Requirements. We have been working and serving such web services for many years. And we have been always shown our quality in the project as well we have fulfilled our client requirements. We think our customers as our familys.

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