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Best Hotel Management Software Delhi NCR

Zeabros India Pvt. Ltd. has designed its own customizable Hospitality Management Software which includes Hotel Management Software and Guest House Software. Now, the question is what is Hospitality Management Software? Hospitality Management Software is an integrated solution for the overall functioning of the hotels and guest houses.

The working of the hotel from the allotment of the room to the checkout times everything it covers. It covers managing hotel administration, marketing housekeeping, maintenance, accounts, food management, beverage management etc. Our hotel management system and guest house management system is designed by hospitality experts. It not only covers the overall operations of the hotels day to day activities but it saves so much time which obviously results in greater productivity. As the main motive of the business industry is to extend profits and this software helps in extending more profit as it is pocket-friendly.



Check Availability: Availability of rooms for individual bookings or group bookings. It is displayed to write on the left top for quick decision making.

1. Rate and Room Availability.

2. Interface

Reservation Management: This is the process of managing reservations and bookings. However, it prevents overlapping.

1. Search Reservation

2. Profile management of guests

3. Rate management

4. Cancellation policy

5. Booking confirmation

6. Multiple bookings

7. Room type

Best Hotel Managment Software Provider Delhi NCR


Room Allotments: Allotment of the room should be very easy and our software provides ease in allotting. Some features are

1. Allocation of room

2. Best occupancy level allocation

Check-In: The check-in process is very simple in the software. All to do is walk-in without gathering at the reception area.

1. Configure charges

2. Generate electronic card key

3. Guest notification

4. Internal notification

5. Early check-in charges

6. Blacklisted guest alert

7. Day use charge

Check Out: It is not important but it is the most critical task to be performed because its the last impression you put on your guest. This process should be quick and with no error. Multiple billing can be done at a time and divided according to the guest. In addition, their details are saved for the future.

1. Late checkout fee

2. Guest billing

3. Payment Modes

4. Folio transfer

5. Checkpoint

6. Gate pass printing

7. Alerts for housekeeping

Group management: Booking a bunch of travelers is as straightforward as doing a personal booking. Choose the rooms you wish to apportion to the cluster and club them along beneath the teams name. You’ll be able to additionally assign a bunch color for straightforward identification.

1. Group Bookings

2. Group Checkouts


Guest profile

Company profile

Business source profile

Travel agent profile


Linear/nonlinear rates

Inclusive and non-inclusive rates

Seasonal rates


Revenue Summary with Average Daily Rate

Room Status Summary

Daily Summary Report

Operational Report

So, for the best Hotel Management Software provider in Delhi NCR and best Guest House Management Software provider do contact us. Trust us we believe in perfection.