Hospital Software Provider Delhi NCREHospital system is a system in which a hospital or a clinic can manage every activity effortlessly. It is completely different from the traditional way of managing a hospital or a clinic. For instance, this Hospital Software is based to lessen every paper-based activity. However, from appointment to the chemist shop everything lies within one website. In addition, our software has some specifications as we provide you the facility to share patients report online with the other providers and also patient and providers can see the lab status of the patients report online and direct chat with the provider. Therefore, some more facilities like organizing doctors schedule and the handling of the billing accounts etc. However, we are grateful to provide our clients with hospital software as we are the Top IT company Delhi NCR. Zeabros is the leading Hospital software Provider Delhi NCR.

What is the Hospital Management System?

It is software for managing a health care center like hospitals or clinics. It integrates each and every information regarding patients, staff, doctors, administrative details, all the payments, and billings, etc. Therefore, this is the best way to handle the management system of the hospital as it ends the paper-based management system.

Hospital Software delhi ncr

Benefits of Hospital Software:

  • Hospital Management System helps to access the doctors’ previous records, including his profile with every needed information.
  • It shows the future growth of a hospital in the coming years.
  • From the diet of the patients to the distribution of medical aid the software has a hand in patient’s recovery.
  • The software has resulted in improved drug usage systems and also improved its effectiveness.
  • From the hospital stock of clothes to medicines, everything gets minimized when something is lost or misplaced.
  • The interaction between doctors and patients improves.
  • It lessens extra expenses because of less paperwork and other duplication also. So, it is a one-time investment.

Modules of Hospital Software System:

Patient Registration:

This provides all the information if the patient. It includes the patient’s name, address, contact information, birth date, and insurance information. Therefore, a unique tracking ID is assigned which helps in the verification of the patient.

Appointment and Scheduling:

  • This helps in scheduling appointments for patients. It could be for doctors, laboratory or radiology services.
  • Scheduling of appointment is quick and effective
  • The appointment could be online as well as offline
  • Status of appointment can be checked
  • Updates to patients.

OUTPATIENT MANAGEMENT:Top hospital software provider Delhi NCR

  • Unadmitted patient details are managed.
  • Billing and payment
  • Invoice management, payment due and all
  • Notifications for next appointment from SMS

 Inpatient management:

  • This module of the management system helps in managing all the inpatient needs of the department.
  • Admission, room, diet, consultant, surgeon etc.
  • Admission number is given to the patient
  • Allocation of bed, their availability, and cost
  • Discharge process etc.

Some more features:

Inpatient billing

Discharge summary

Laboratory management

Radiology management

Pharmacy management

Consultant management

Store management

Security management

Medical data

Reception management

Service management