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Dynamic website a website contains information that changes, its depend on what viewers want to see, what goes on in todays time, the view are preferred languages, many other factors as well. And it’s developed using advanced servers and technology like PHP, JavaScript, and ASP to build many more dynamic web Pages and a website or a single page can be static or dynamic.

For example, if the page is dynamic so the website will automatically change on daily basis.

A dynamic website can include client choice scripting or server-side script to change the content or a combination of both types scripting. These sites also include HTML program for the basic structure. The client side always takes care of the dare of the site.


With client-side HTML, the page can use javascript or any other script language to change pages data as it is dynamic build and in dynamic website very easy to change the content. And for that, you dont need any developer as well and it is very easy to update it and as per business owner, it will be updated. It will be a very quick response to various screen sizes.

With server-side scripting, it runs on the server that hosts the page. The process for how the page determined by parameters defined in the server-side scripting.

The advantage of the static website

  • Dynamic is very simple and easy to use.
  • You can access and manage your website from any laptop, and from any place but net connection should be available.
  • The content of the website and editor only need to know basic content editing skill.
  • Multiple users can access and can update or manage information of the website.
  • Subscription of news

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