Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Customer Relationship ManagementCustomer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management software which helps in building a relationship with their clients. It gives business the flexibility of creating, assigning and management of requests and complaints made by clients. It’s not just for marketing; it’s for building a strong relationship with their clients.

Building a strong relationship with clients is far more important than it seems. Similarly, relation with a customer can make or break your business. For instance, the way you treat your customers defines your company and creates its impact in the market.

Therefore, CRM takes care of all of this helping your business to grow.
CRM integrates all parts of the business like marketing, sales support, customer service, etc.
It effectively captures the feedback, complaints, and concerns of the customer. However, all the customer experience can be tracked and recorded in one place through CRM.

Why CRM?

CRM is a technique which manages all the company’s relation and interaction with their customers. The main aim of this is to improve business relations with their customers for an increment in their business and becoming trustworthy. It also improves profitability. This system provides sales, customer support, and development in business, recruiting and marketing departments, or any other system of the business. However, it gives a better way to interact with our customers and relationship which turns into success. Zeabros is a well- known company providing services in ERP and CRM in Delhi NCR. However, this also helps in keeping the customer details for contact purposes, to record service issues and to manage marketing campaigns.

CRM has easy access to data which can help in increasing productivity. CRM also helps all the companies to drive growth in business. In addition, CRM system provides your clear overview of your customer. In conclusion with CRM the customer service team and marketing team receives a great increment.

Above all, the role of an analytical ERP CRM system is to research client knowledge collected through multiple sources and gift it so business managers will create a lot of aware selections. Analytical CRM systems use techniques like data processing, correlation, and pattern recognition to research client knowledge. Therefore, his analytics facilitate improve client service by finding little issues which may be solved, maybe by selling to completely different elements of a shopper audience otherwise.


  • Time Saving
  • Reduces Work Load
  • Improved Analysis
  • Focus on important data
  • Avoid duplicity
  • Improved Productivity


  • Consumer Complaint Management
  • Compilation of feedbacks, complaints, concerns at on place
  • Tracking of Consumer expreience
  • Less time taken in implementation
  • Business parameters mapping
  • Customizable

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