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Coaching Institute Software Delhi NCRZeabros India Pvt. Ltd. Delhi based top IT company provides different services like website development, mobile app development, different software designed by the highly skilled staff which includes Coaching Institute Software.

In addition, there has been a gradual change in the educational field in the last years. The major reason for these changes is the up-gradation of technology to a whole new level. The usage of mobile phones and the internet has resulted in content delivery in digital form. The institutes have realized the importance of paperless education system. Similarly, we have designed our own Coaching Institute software for the institutes. The virtual education system has increased the importance of this type of software in the IT industry. In addition, it has created a beautiful impact on the students, teachers, and the owner as now the handling of their respective responsibilities has come to ease. Above all, the usage of these software has resulted in the reduction of some issues like:

  • Fee reminders
  • Students report
  • Parents teacher meeting
  • Work report and many more.

We have been providing this software at a very compatible price. Similarly, our work has been appreciated in the industry for the concept. The easy use of the software is the key reason for its popularity.


The concept of the software is very easy to understand. However, we’ll provide you five panels for the working. These panels are provided for the respective management of the institute. Therefore, these panels are:

  • Coaching Institute Software Provider Delhi NCRUSER PANEL

Firstly, User Panel:

In this panel, we provide some of the basic aspects which are needed at the time of the entrance of the student or the teacher’s accessibility. For instance, the aspects like user registration, details of the user, users log in, permission set according to department, center location, etc. In addition, some features are:

  • User registration
  • Details of the user
  • Users login
  • Permission set according to department and center location etc.

 Secondly, Student Panel:

This panel is introduced for students ease as it has some specifications like student account creation, profile option, attendance of the student etc. Therefore, some secured aspects are also developed in this panel like fee payments online or it could be made by banking transaction, cash, cheque. For instance, few features listed below :

  • Student account creation
  • View students profile
  • Class attendance ( automated message sending if a student doesnt attend the class )
  • Fee structure ( displayed on students portal )
  • Fee receipt SMS for receipt or due

Thirdly, Teachers Panel:

This panel is somehow similar to the student panel like it also provides ease for a teacher to manage their routine and information. For instance, some of the specifications this includes are account creation, daily working report updates and mail integration, test generation by teacher etc. Therefore, some of the key features for this panel are:

  • Account creation
  • Work report updates and mail also integrated
  • Extra class schedule by a teacher
  • Test generation
  • Teachers yearly calendar ( all classes schedule )
  • Test score updates and SMS to parents and students

fourthly, Test Panel:

This panel is created for testing the students after they are taught the respective topic. It is an important aspect to judge the students where they are standing. However, it helps the students to check the scheduled test which may be a weekly or monthly basis, also it sends automated SMS of test report to parents. Therefore, some of its features are:

  • Test generation mail & SMS to students and parents
  • Report on the test
  • Test schedule ( daily, weekly or monthly )
  • All test report displayed on students portal


This panel is used by admin to analyze the whole activities of the institution whether it is students report, fee report based on class wise, batch-wise or center wise or it could be teachers work report. In addition, It also includes the fee structure to analyze. Key features are:

  • Student proper report
  • Fee report
  • Students attendance
  • Teachers work report